About Us

Since 2012, we have provided wholesale and retail services by making agreements with various companies and categories. We had the opportunity to prepare agreements and cooperate for a long time with our business partners, who sent us the requested products that we did not have, through our contact address.

With the feedback we received from our valued customers, we had the chance to gain new customers. By taking advantage of this chance, we managed to produce more products and get better prices. As a result of the good price we received, we gave good prices to our customers and enabled them to get efficiency.

In the E-Commerce sector, we have files that you can integrate into marketplaces and your own sites with a single click. We store all your products for you without the need for a warehouse and ship them to your customers by cargo. The more you add to our products with a certain sales price, the more profit you will earn. It is possible to deduct VAT from your earnings by issuing an invoice for the price you sell. This way, your customers will see the price you sell instead of the price you buy. For detailed information, you can send an e-mail to info@yurkan.com.

When determining our goals, we take care to consider our retail customers and customers serving in the e-commerce sector as the focal point of every issue. We identify what our customers need and explain whether we can meet their needs. Telling us the product you need from A to Z, such as watches, bracelets, white goods, cabinets and wardrobes, will ensure that you receive the products at affordable prices and with fast delivery.

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